Application FAQ

Hello dear players,
we would like to welcome you to the bTitans Community.

To make the way to a successful application easier for you, we would like to give you a few points which you have to consider.

Please remember that we can only accept complete applications.

We search:

– A minimum age of 18 years
– Mental maturity & healthy human integrity
– An active participation in the community
– No VAC/BattleEye-Ban or similar
– Ts activity
– no further membership in another clan or community | organization
– Fun and respectful interaction with other members and players

We offer:

– A Teamspeak – and Discordserver
– A friendly and respectful community
– A structured management
– Regular community evenings
– Child-free zone
– Support and promotion of the members
– Full support at tournaments /FACEIT

Contact us:

Please send applications directly to



Uplay: Phoenix.bT