BTITANS welcomes a new CSGO Team!

Sep 11, 2020 | Counter Strike Go

After a long time and without activity in Counter Strike Go, we are proud to introduce a new team.

BTITANS: Hello Mythael, first of all welcome to BTitans. We are all very happy to welcome you at our place. How did the contact come about and why did you choose BTitans?

Mythael: First of all, thanks for the warm welcome and the interest in my project to put together a team. The contact came about because by chance I saw another Rainbow6 Orientation Orga in the last season that had a team in the Counterstrike area. So I looked around in the Rainbow section and finally contacted you. We had written to a few more organizations where you were our wish „at home“, especially after my good friend Korey ( Shoutouts to @koreyr6s ) reported very positive about the orga management we knew that we want to start with you in the season and everything that comes after it.

BTITANS: Three of you applied to BTitans with the goal of building a powerful team. How did the search go so far and what is especially important for you with potential new players?

Mythael: Well, the search was very slow, finding good players who want to play in the same lineup for a long time is a thing of its own in Germany, it is unfortunately common practice to change as soon as goals are not reached and then to start again from almost 0. Because we wanted to avoid the change carousel we had very high and precise criteria. Our requirements were a certain basic skill ( Faceit Level 10 aka 2000 Elo ) and of course team experience and time for 4-5 training days per week. Unfortunately we couldn’t test all players because about 40 people applied, but with the 2 newcomers jANNIS and minus we made a very good and suitable selection.

BTITANS: What are your next goals in CSGO?

Mythael: The 99Damage Div3 promotion is a very clear goal and already mandatory. In ESEA we play the open league and hope for a place in the playoffs and see how far we can make it there. In ESEA Intermediate is our goal, but the level is much higher than in 99Damage Div4, but we still look very positive into the future.

Thanks for the interview smile

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