Divina Victoria joins BTITANS

Sep 1, 2020 | Rainbow Six Siege

We are very pleased to present you our latest additions in this news. In the future the players known as „Divina Victoria“ will represent our organization in Rainbow Six Siege. The team, under the leadership of Tine, has been playing together for a long time and has already attracted attention in the Rainbow Six Siege community in the past.

Appropriately, we have conducted a short interview with the Tine:

BTITANS: Hello Tine, first of all welcome to BTITANS. We are all very happy to welcome you at our organization. How did the contact come about and why did you choose BTITANS?

Tine: Thank you, we are all looking forward to the coming time together with BTITANS! The contact came mainly through Phoenix aka David, because he knows us since our PENTA time. When we made our decision to leave PENTA public, David contacted us and we started talking. The decision to join BTITANS came because of the sympathy in personal conversation with each other.

BTITANS: How long have you been playing together as a team and how did you manage to build a constant lineup in the fast moving e-sports industry?

Tine: The current Main Core has been playing together for about 1 year. Eve, Tiffy, Konny and I have been playing together on the Playstation since 2018 and still play together today, now just on the PC. Divina Victoria is for us more than just a team, we are a family and not only spend a lot of time together online. Of course we also have player changes, because such a team takes a lot of time and not everyone can find it. There is more to a constant line-up than just good teamwork; everyone’s character must fit together.

BTITANS: What are your next goals in Rainbow Six Siege?

Tine: The next goal is to achieve the best possible results in the CCSW, i.e. the Women’s League. After that we will train for the next Ascension League Qualifiers, as they are unfortunately already over for this year.

BTITANS: Thank you very much for the interview. All of BTITANS wishes you a good start and looks forward to a trustful and hopefully long-term cooperation. The community and management will always be behind you and support you in the best possible way.

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